Your Pre-shoot guide

Hello, and thanks for booking me to create beautiful photos and memories of you.

I’m sure you might have a few questions about your photoshoot, so here I’ll try to answer them.

how rich reality truly is

I’m all about giving you great memories to cherish forever.

A boudoir photoshoot should be a fun experience with the reward of beautiful photos to remember how great you and you body are, that’s what I here to give you.

All about your photoshoot

What should I bring with me?

This is probably the question I get asked the most.

These are your photographs, so we will want to showcase you at your best, so outfits you feel comfortable in is always good, if you feel comfortable, you will look more relaxed in your photos.

Bring a selection of underwear in different colours. You may want to bring a white shirt or favourite jumper for more suggestive photos.

Bring a couple of pairs of high heels, a nude or light pair are ideal for making your legs look longer.


Where will my photoshoot take place?

We will have discussed the exact location when booking your photoshoot.

 But more often than not it will take place in my boudoir studio in Blackheath.

How long will our photoshoot take?

Your photoshoot will take from 1.5 – 2 hours.

I don’t want to rush you, so allow for 2 hours, but we’re likely to finish sooner if you’re a superstar model! 🙂

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the photoshoot?

It’s nice for you to have done your hair and make-up before your photoshoot, we may have arranged this as part of your photoshoot.

Wear lose fitting clothes before hand, so you don’t have bra, jeans and sock marks.

Please do avoid getting sunburnt (all the time), but especially before your photoshoot, red skin and strap marks aren’t a good look.

Is hair and make-up included with my photoshoot?

Hair and Make-up isn’t included in your photoshoot, as some people like to do their own.

If you would like to book a professional hair and/or make-up artist, I can highly recommend the following people:

Elizabeth Joesph Love Make-up Artist

Hair by Georg

RKW Hair

You can either go to them, or on prior arrangement they can do your hair and make-up here in Blackheath before your photoshoot. (Please confirm with me first).

What items do you have in your client wardrobe?

I have a couple of veils, both long and short.

A number of lace and satin gowns in black and white.

An amazing tulle skirt.

Lace cami top and bodysuit.

A wedding dress (to set the scene as much as wearing it).

Spare pair of black heels (size 4).

Jewelry – pearl necklaces, diamante necklace


Who will see my photos?

Only you and I.

I do all the editing myself, so your photos are not outsourced to anyone else to work on.

Once they are ready, you will be sent a link to a password protected gallery, so the only people to see your photos are those who you share your link and password with.

Your Photos

There are many ways to showcase your photos and we love printed images.

Here are our favourite ways to really make the most of your photos, so you can show them off and cherish them forever.


“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

Your Album

Our beautiful albums and print boxes make a perfect keepsake for you to enjoy now and to pass down through the generations


Our print boxes are a lovely way to keep your family photos.

Showcase your favourite prints with matted frames which sit neatly inside the box with a ribbon to lift.


Our luxury print box is a beautiful box with a window front for you to display your favourite photo.

The box comes with 20 mounted prints, each one can be moved to the window position in turn so you can change your favourite photo whenever you wish.

Available in wood, black and white.


Our personalised print box is a beautiful box with your choice of text on the front.

The box comes with 10 mounted prints and a wooden display stand, so you can change your favourite photo whenever you wish.

Available in black and white boxes.


Our stunning albums are all handmade in Italy and offer you a way to showcase all of your favourite photos.

Storybook albums

If you want to tell the whole story of your photoshoot and showcase more photos, then our personalised storybook album is perfect.

With a matching box, it can take pride of place on your coffee table allowing you to have a flick through whenever you wish.

Available in a range of colours with your own personalised text.


Our range of wall art offers you many ways to showcase all of your favourite photos in your home.


Add depth to your wall art with the Sanctuary Frame. A deep, wooden frame, the profile includes a subtle texture effect.

The Sanctuary Frame is available in a range of contemporary finishes.


Our metal prints really make your images pop with the latest in high definition metal print technology.

Robust, waterproof and scuff resistant, the Alumini creates an eye-catching metal wall art feature in any home.

These can be purchased on their own, or in a cluster of three.